Guest pic

24-10Portrait of the artist as a tiny person balancing on top of balloons which are holding up a levitating cake while giants get ready to eat said cake even though there are people on it who are sinking into the icing (the writing says “squelch”, I am told). Eat your heart out Joyce.

Emotional support

18-10Today I learned that there is such a thing as an Emotional Support Duck! Apparently they are good at calming you down if you are afraid of flying in airplanes, even though sadly you have to bring your own unless you’re flying Emirates or something where they have secret duck-caches for first class passengers and probably a little pond too, I digress. Point is that I do not want an Emotional Support Duck, BUT an Emotional Support Seagull, please, would be rather nice. It would steal chips or cookies from passers-by if I seemed grumpy, it could pose for me when I wanted to draw a seagull but had forgotten what they looked like (this happens a lot, and the internet is never there! see today’s doodle!) and best of all it would viciously attack anyone who made me feel upset or even looked at me funny, which is the most proactive Emotional Support I can think of. Also then I could raise an army of them and we would take over the world. In a really emotionally supportive way. It would be great!


Purr purr give me coffee NOW purr  then I will have MORE purr until I LEVITATE purr

So I have had …well, yes, coffee, but also an exceptionally nice Monday and I am a bit confused because there is a song right, that goes “Tell me why I don’t like Mondays”, and it just lodged in my head and it is really quite odd, I mean is the question meant to be a conversational gambit or do they genuinely not know or what? I can’t imagine it being particularly good small talk – I’d just be a bit worried for someone who talked to me under the assumption that I was reading their mind, even about something as innocuous as what days of the week they very conventionally dislike – and I don’t see it leading to any great conversation.¬† Or maybe the singer just had a revelation that we are all One and therefore everyone knows everything and they just need to wake up to it, and it’s actually a kind of Zen koan? Could that be it?

I’m kind of impressed if it is.