27-02Today I learned that cuttlefish embryos have quite transparent eggs and like to spy on (ok, learn from) people through them, though by people I largely mean crabs. Some scientists are pretending they are going to show them videos of crabs and see if they learn from those too,  but we all know this will just end up as lab movie nights and then an intern will  teach them how to work a remote and they will turn into supergenius cuttlefish hackers that take over the world and bring peace, harmony and justice to all.

Oh and cuttlefish embryos change colour if you wave at them.




So I was a bit glumpy today (gloomy+grumpy) because my back bicycle light had been stolen AGAIN, for the second time, in not many weeks, actually possibly two, well maybe three, but what is the world coming to? etc. But then! A very clever friend pointed out to me that while one stolen bicycle light might indeed be callous and entirely unredeemable bicycle thievery, *multiple* stolen bicycle lights are clearly the early stages of a new locally sourced Secret Underground Bicycle Disco, which is awesome. So it’s all okay now!


16-02I’m not sure if this little guy has a cold or has been watching sad films through other people’s windows… hope it’s just a cold. Or that a comedy is on next!



13-02How can a naturally not-very-approachable person become more so? ? I have a friend who  (in her own words)  is 5 feet tall and has the fashion sense of a six-year-old, but who at the same time somehow manages to come across as rather stern and scary, at least to people who don’t know her well. She is trying to learn how to make new acquaintances stop bursting into tears and running away from her, but finding it rather tricky… Any suggestions?

Seven seals


Break one and unleash the apocalypse! Shame they are not exactly in a very stable position.

While there is no particular ‘why’ to this beyond ‘I got a deranged request for a seal tree’, this is probably nonetheless partly inspired by my once upon a time having goggled at medieval illustrations of the vegetable lamb and/or barnacle geese  – both animals which were believed to grow on trees or out of plants. If you have not heard of these they are well worth clicking the links, I promise!




Oh! Life is hard -unjust, unfair!

I thought bananas would be there

whene’er I wanted them. But no.

Life lacks bananas. So.


So …well, I had a biscuit instead, obviously.  Then drew a banana. Rather poorly, but as I may have mentioned, there was NO BANANA to serve as a model and I had just snuggled into a particularly cozy blanket so looking up a picture would have been ridiculous.