Midnight chicken

I was looking for interesting documentaries the other day and found something about the experience of chickens in the Ukraine war, which I was rather intrigued by; but when I looked again it was about children, not chickens. Which I guess is a more reasonable topic especially if your target audience is humans, but sometimes you just want to watch an in depth interview with a chicken and who is catering for that? The war context isn’t necessary – a simple day in the life piece would be lovely. Maybe with a quick look into chicken philosophy, to add some depth. C’mon documentary people, this shouldn’t be hard!

Rolling along

Hullo internets! This is Germaine, she lives in human nostrils – she is very helpful in getting them clean, being rather bristly. Less useful for general breathing purposes however, as she is also exactly nostril-sized…

In other news, I am going to go for a once-a-week doodle instead of a daily one for a while – I still do exist on a day-to-day basis though, promise! X