The ground on this bull should actually be purple – I think my scanner is still on holiday!

It would be good if the bull came and pushed me out of bed tomorrow. Preferably with a cup of coffee.


tmp_10126-20160723_215517-668813150This is not an autobiographical frog, or at least didnˋt start as one but maybe it is because I was wondering why it looked so gloomy and well I do have a bit of a frog in my throat from leaving my family again at the end of this holiday? Either way, cheer up, frog!

Olive Villa

tmp_18063-20160722_210007-343040026This is a birthday request for my dad, who wanted a crab with a villa made of olives for Reasons, which I am content to keep a mystery. The martini was an add on, though I donˋt know where the crab got teeny black olives from when his house is made of big green ones. Maybe they grow on palm trees in Crabland?



We went into the mountains today and there were BEEEEES and beehouses in ALL the colours and people selling honey which is meli in Islandese (and where we get “mellifluous” from I believe). Anyway bees are apis and therefore a metropolis of bees is a metropapis, hence today´s doodle.

No luck with the hammock, though maybe among all the BEEEEEES that is not the worst thing.



This is for my very small niece who pretty much refused to wear hats as of about 6 hours ago, but now seems to *almost* like them. Which is good because the alternative is daily suncream in her eyyyyyes…