I should go to bed but there are pillow creatures they are tiny and live in my pillow and are a bit terrifying and what if I squish them?



I was rather excited about all this “Beast from the East” business after we got a proper flurry of snow on Tuesday. The weather reports were all squawking on about how we were all going to be engulfed in snow by Thursday or Friday, with no hopes of getting out without actually owning a sleigh. So I got out my padded trousers and my mittens and my extra-woolly hat; I checked my supply of hot chocolate and hot water bottles; I even stayed the night with a friend who lives closer to my work so I could walk if necessary (not that I’m complaining, it was lovely!). And what happens? Not a measly flake since Tuesday!

So here you are. The Beast from the East: Actual size.

Points to anyone who gets the reference!