Speccy Wren

2.06There is a glasses shop called the Speccy Wren here and when you register an interest a giant bespectacled bird comes down and swoops you into a tree to discuss your options

It may have just been me?

Oh dear



Now children, listen to today’s Top Art Tip fromĀ  Auntie Iris: Don’t try to eat, drink and colour in at the same time! You *will* knock things over and then have to draw over your design. Several times, if you do not learn from your mistakes. Which, let’s face it, you won’t.

Also, drinking and eating at the same time is physically impossible I think. Why were you even trying?!




31.05Eep I was going to finish this now but I’d forgotten I’m going ukulele-ing tonight! You’ll get the finished version tomorrow…. I wonder if it will look better before or after? ^^