Come to me

28.04.2017…So if you know the song, this should be pretty obvious; but you probably don’t know the song!

(Apologies for the wonky adult dog, that is not for a reason, I just need more practice drawing Collies. ^_^)


27.04.2017So here’s the second clue to a song you’ve probably never heard anyway: a happy doggie – or, to be precise, and precision is so important, a Collie.  Well, actually a Border Collie, but that may be too precise. It’s a difficult road.

Also a big thank you to my anonymous fans who sent me the Melon Song. To think I could have reached a happy old age without ever hearing …that! ^_^


25.04.20173 weeks, 2 weeks – who’s counting, I’m baaack! So here is a badly drawn melon. To celebrate. Because melons know how to party.

Also because a certain song is stuck in my head and I was wondering if anyone would guess which it was from just this…