Purr purr give me coffee NOW purr  then I will have MORE purr until I LEVITATE purr

So I have had …well, yes, coffee, but also an exceptionally nice Monday and I am a bit confused because there is a song right, that goes “Tell me why I don’t like Mondays”, and it just lodged in my head and it is really quite odd, I mean is the question meant to be a conversational gambit or do they genuinely not know or what? I can’t imagine it being particularly good small talk – I’d just be a bit worried for someone who talked to me under the assumption that I was reading their mind, even about something as innocuous as what days of the week they very conventionally dislike – and I don’t see it leading to any great conversation.  Or maybe the singer just had a revelation that we are all One and therefore everyone knows everything and they just need to wake up to it, and it’s actually a kind of Zen koan? Could that be it?

I’m kind of impressed if it is.


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