Very Merry

Woohoo, holidays – I’m switching off my computer for a few days now, so Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays. Or Season’s Greetings, though  I generally find ‘hello’ works all year round. And I prefer the word “merry”. Hm. Ok, second try:  Merry Christmas, and if you don’t like Christmas then I hereby wish you  a Very, Very Merry.

May it be glorious!



16-12Elsewhere, among the Lesser Spotted Nurgs, Christmas is a rather boring time of year for little Nurglets, who are wrapped up in ribbons and hung from branches to sleep through the winter season. Nurglets don’t hibernate or grow or transform in these cocoons; their parents just prefer a quiet holiday. And think the cocoons are pretty.

Naughty or Nice?

15-12It’s that time of year when all the little demon children are trying their hardest to be as naughty as possible… This one has found and ripped open all his sister’s presents – BUT IS IT NAUGHTY ENOUGH?


14-12When decorating your tree this year, do watch out for Twicklestumps, who have adapted to human encroachment on their territories by replacing their usual strands of solidified twicklespit  with stolen angel hair to create fabulously shiny nesting bowers. Some even produce their own ornaments out of discarded crisp packets! The hats, of course, are entirely natural and made of moss.


12-12Sometimes I ask strangers for doodle ideas. Sometimes, they immediately respond with “Two rats kissing under a mistletoe”. Sometimes, people are utterly awesome. THANK YOU!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Kissing is very tricky when both of you have very long noses though. Hope they figure it out!)


09-12Here’s to anyone who happens to be feeling grumpy – please do accept my offerings of virtual chocolate/cookies/gherkins/souls/whatever-your-favourite-comfort-food-is. And the company of an equally grumpy goose, of course. Hope it helps!