Dog and Daisy

Please welcome my Guest Doodler! Normally people who don’t doodle much shy away when you ask them if they want to have a go – but this intrepid master of the pencil actually produced two! So without further ado, I present: “Dog” and “Daisy”.

JM Dog


JM Daisy

I admit the spelling needs some work.


I have a new book (free online, aren’t people lovely!). It’s called Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth  (NOT Figure Drawing For What It’s Worth, which I personally think would be better)  and it looks really quite amazingly good and has all SORTS of information about perspective and anatomy and whatnot, so hooray!  It’s also charmingly old fashioned and has possibly the worst title page I have ever seen. Also everyone seems to be athletic with freakishly good posture, but this seems to be the case in most drawing books. I mean I realise it’s a teaching tool but it’s so weird!