22_01_2016I guess the triceratopses don’t know about notoceratopses or they wouldn’t let them in their herds; they must just think he is slightly odd. Or maybe he’s just come back from deep undercover as a tyrannosaurus and it’s taking him a while to get back to normal again?

…Do tyrannosauruses think they look like triceratopses in spy gear?

*runs off to find a paleontologist*



So I am pleased to announce that there is such thing as a  Notocolossus, but this one is *definitely* a colossus and pleased about it.  Also, free advice: should you meet a Notocolossus, do not try to feed it apples. Not so much because you will lose a hand as that you will lose a torso!

Kind people have also informed me of the existence of a Notoceratops, which I choose to believe is what happens when triceratopses turn spy.


30.07.2015For anyone else who didn’t know this one:

-Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?

-Because the P is silent.



Blame a Certain Bear!