Part 2


Part the second! I’m intending to layer the colours bit by bit so they become more intense as I roll along, let’s see how that works out…

Happy Birthday! (…part One)


This will be another multi-parter, because I am incapable of timing, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very super special someone!!

Also, hello to all the non-Birthday people! If anyone knows why the new editor does not allow me to access the site from my phone, do let me know. ^__^


20200531_223355So I was just texting with a friend, and, in a brief pause in the conversation, my brain chose to think: “ducks”. Not the image or the concept of a duck, just the sound, unattached to anything in particular, least of all our conversation. I considered it a moment but can find no cause or explanation (though I like ducks well enough) – and can only conclude it must be a message from the Great Collective Unconscious, unfortunately misdelivered.

If you or someone you know might currently require comfort or advice, inspiration or even a mantra- please do consider passing it on. Ducks. Somewhere, to someone, it is the answer.