Today I learned that cartoons of moles look nothing like moles and that the reason for this is that actual moles’ faces look kind of unpleasant. Sorry moles! You’re adorable in principle -and I doubt you care anyway since you can hardly see.


When you forget to eat dinner and have a no-food headache but only realise it when you’re about to go to bed, and then you have to swim out to the ocean and gather algae because otherwise you’ll wake up with even more headache, but you’re tired and also thinking about logarithms, which is tricky when you are a fish amd presumably do not own a fancy calculatorzzzzzzzzzzzz


Bobbing along

It’s lovely bobbing along

On the bottom of the beautiful briiiiny sea

What a chance to get a better peek

At the plants and creatures of the deep!

A song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, if you’re wondering ^_^

Happy Halloween!

Happy Stay-At-Home-Halloween! Unless you’re going out of course, in which case I just hope it is raining less where you are because YIKES.

Oh also the witch and the monster are housemates and he has forgotten his keys, he’s trying to get her attention without accidentally breaking a window. And the wallpaper and sofa came with the house, which previously belonged to a garden gnome.