29.07Personally I think “Platypus” sounds much nicer, but it was a request by a Swiss friend and they have odd words for most things. Though she insists that most of the time it’s exactly the English word, just with a funny accent. ^_^

Also, I WILL conquer this beast and figure out how to draw it properly! It’s the sloths all over again, I tell you.


Look at the amazing colouring people have done from pictures in my gallery! (They are not actually from the book, just doodles from the blog blown up to a larger size.)

I admit they would look even more amazing if I could hold my hand still while taking pictures, and/or remembered to make sure the lens hadn’t just had my thumbs on it, but eh. ^_^


25a.06.2016  25b.06.2016


25c.06.2016 25d.06.2016


So I was trying to redraw my Coffeehug picture to make it look more interesting. First I tried just adding some hearts in the background:


Then I changed the colours a bit (well not the colours, you know what I mean!):



I thought it was a bit better but by then I wasn’t sure I liked the picture that much anymore at this point and then I came up with this:


23c.07It’s very simple but I think I like it best of the three – what do you think?

Also, if I pour coffee into my computer that will help with it being so outrageously slow, right?


The Unisheep

21.06I did a version of this ages back but this one is better and also one can never have too many Unisheep. And I am so making this a card I do not care if no one else in the world wants it ALL of my correspondence will be in Unisheep and it will be glorious. I mean imagine the possibilities! From “Hoorah!  You have graduated Uni-versity” to “I love Ewe”, it is eeeeeendless.