You rat!

30_09_2015My scanner is a dirty rat. Not like this rat, which is quite cute and cuddles eggs; it is a horrible manky rat filled with envy and malice and jelly babies. Also it tries to suck out my soul when I’m not looking. >:-(


2015_09_28I went walking/moon-watching/moon-walking! on the Downs last night. I met: one man who gave me sage advice; one couple who were drinking tea; no fairies (but I did go through a fairy portal); a boy with an excellent telescope who let me look through it; one pirate; a few drunk boys; two foxes; and one badger.


2015_09_26So I think I have fixed my scanning issues (!) and also finally have fixed up my computer (!!) so I can actually run gimp (!!!), thanks entirely to a certain awesome and superinspiring amphibian. You are brilliant, thank you!  Even if you also inspire excessive punctuation.