2018.07.31The Thief returned my pencil case! It cunningly regurgitated it onto my bookshelf. Then it ate my phone, but has just now returned it so we are declaring a tentative truce.



A thief entered my home at night and made off with my pencil case! I have looked everywhere for it and it has evidently been devoured. It has all of my index cards in it too. I shall have to use ordinary paper like a plebeian, all because some flop-snouted eraserbumbird got hungry…



We have some rather lovely views at work – we can see the Downs, the sky, the sea, and the building is currently riddled with swifts on top of the usual seagulls. Also, if I happen  to require the company of a sheep this can be solved with a ten-minute walk, which is obviously vital! (The big cloud on the left is sort of spawning a Cloudsheep if you squint.)


2018.07.24This one is Based On A True Thing I Saw Today- hence the  minimal monsterage. It was an enormous motorised longboard whizzing along the road with the girl clinging on the rider’s leg for dear life, somehow contriving to look both bored and in fear of her life. I hope they got home alright!




Here’s wishing a Certain Gentleman a fantastic birthday! As requested, a daddy monster with some little monsters and a rhinoceros.

Sorry it’s a photograph but here’s what the scanner made of it!

2018.07.22 scan

And on that note, I have a scanner and will be updating old posts today 🙂


So I had an exciting weekend with Small People! Who, as per tradition, coloured in and improved upon some monsters for me. 

2018.07.15a     2018.07.15f

It turns out these monsters are both members of an orchestra – the top one’s heads play a remarkable variety of instruments, considering the creature lacks any kind of hands; the bottom one is a drummer, and an endangered herbivore at that.

The drummosaur can be found in orchestras across Cambridge. It’s an endangered species and eats potato and carrot peel. You can save it by leaving your green rubbish on the doorstep. -A Small Person

To aid in their musical endeavours, I added a conductor and a saxophonist, which the Small People have faithfully promised to colour for me in my absence – watch this space!