When you look into the abyss


Actually, it’s not so much that the abyss looks back at you, as much as it was happily doing its own little exploring thing, all excited about seeing non-abyssness and wondering if it’s like the postcards and where should it eat its bring-along picnic and oh no did it forget the camera, and you just came and blocked its view. Probably really confused it besides – unless you happen to feature in its special pocket guidebook?

Thought not.




It is a certain ex-colleague of mine’s birthday tomorrow; so as a birthday wish,  I do hope that she, like this Firebirdish, may make her way to shining pastures of glory while absent-mindedly stomping on the skulls of her enemies.


Thank you!

Hello and thank you to everyone who has wondered why I have fallen off the planet and reminded me this blog exists and all! I made this for a friendly baby physiotherapist but I am sure it can be read metaphorically. Not necessarily for this situation – but you know, metaphors. Who doesn’t like a metaphor?Scan_20180531_LI