30-11This doodle is dedicated to anyone who should be studying DNA helicase but is, in fact, reading a bad romance novel (it doesn’t count if you’re doing it standing!). Serious-minded alien sidekick is optional.

Halfway there


maryonpleislines maryonpleiscolours

So it’s definitely heading towards that time of the year, and what says Christmas better than Mary&baby riding a plesiosaur?*

Well, a certain saboteur of all my life’s ambitions says Santa Claus, on the basis that this would simplify my colour scheme a thousandfold so that I might actually be able to finish the wretched thing, rather than having to post aborted attempts and spending fruitless hours upon hours on a single doodle. But my heart is set on Mary, so somehow I must find a way to reconcile all the Mary-blue with the Christmas-red-and -green; or decide if a red-and-green Mary would still be recognisable as such; or some other solution that evades me just now. And if I draw Santa riding a plesiosaur after this, I still maintain Mary is better. So there.


*Yes yes, just like Hildgeard of Bingen doing the same means Thanksgiving, I have shamelessly recycled from a previous doodle, but not many people know her and I really like this image! In principle. When the colours work.


21-11My very wise and small niece, in response to the (to my mind) somewhat odd homework question “What makes a good friend?”, promptly answered “Not a fly.” Being asked to elaborate, she added “Not papayas”.

I like to think that this bird and this fly will be very good friends, and that if one of them is eaten it will be in a very friendly way.