Chinny chin chin

Soooo allow me to share my revolutionary chin-related discoveries of yesterday evening! For I learned many things:

a) Butt chins are actually called cleft chins, or dimpled chins. People will assume you have self-esteem issues if you are unaware of this, though they will know exactly what you mean.

b) Said chin clefts are caused by your jawbone not fusing together properly and are technically a birth defect.

c) Superman has one!

d) In Persian literature, cleft chins are considered super attractive and called chin pits or wells… because your desperate lovers and admirers, of which there will be MANY, will be trapped there. Forever. Gently decomposing I guess unless you feed them and stuff?

e) When Persian, cleft-chinned literary characters get into relationships with each other, they create GREAT GIANT EARTH SHATTERING CHIN PIT WELLS! Contemporary science rationalises these away as tectonic plate movement and similar nonsense. We know the truth though: both stranger than, and caused by, literary fiction.

To Whom It May Concern

Here is a portrait of a Certain Baby and her gnu friend flying through the top of a forest in a bathtub. Yes the tap got squished: the gnu kicked it getting in, it is not a big gnu but it’s a pretty small tub, what can you do.



Ohhhhh what can you do, gnu- you do you, gnu! You true blue gnu, you my boo gnu, doobeedoo gnu

And they told me I should not become a professional lyricist


Here is a dog it is a Good Dog

I admit I was GOING to draw a rather excellent proposed concept this week which involved Babies and Llamas and Trees and all sorts but this may have to wait until next week/I have acquired a time machine

And hey it’s not the dog’s fault!

Midnight chicken

I was looking for interesting documentaries the other day and found something about the experience of chickens in the Ukraine war, which I was rather intrigued by; but when I looked again it was about children, not chickens. Which I guess is a more reasonable topic especially if your target audience is humans, but sometimes you just want to watch an in depth interview with a chicken and who is catering for that? The war context isn’t necessary – a simple day in the life piece would be lovely. Maybe with a quick look into chicken philosophy, to add some depth. C’mon documentary people, this shouldn’t be hard!

Rolling along

Hullo internets! This is Germaine, she lives in human nostrils – she is very helpful in getting them clean, being rather bristly. Less useful for general breathing purposes however, as she is also exactly nostril-sized…

In other news, I am going to go for a once-a-week doodle instead of a daily one for a while – I still do exist on a day-to-day basis though, promise! X