29.03.2017These are avocados dressed up as ghosts. I am perfectly aware they do not look likeĀ either avocados or ghosts – because avocados dressed up as ghosts wouldn’t.

NOTE: Actual avocado ghosts are avocado shaped, ephemeral and live in my kitchen, where they hide the chili powder when I am looking for it. It’s very irritating.


22.03There is a graffiti artist who has been drawing little sad-faced finger-shaped people on various signs and walls. Today someone had added the statement above to one of them; it’s rather poetic and stayed in my mind all the way home. I’m not sure if it was a rebuke, or a neutral observation, or what.

I’m pretty sure I want some happy creatures to say hello and give the sad ones a proper hug though. This being Brighton IĀ  am sure it will happen before long!



21.03So normally if I’m watching TV I will switch off the sound but then I didn’t and I honestly think they were advertising ‘shampoo with a brain’ at least that’s what I thought I heard and the idea was so horrifying I had to draw it as something cute so as not to have nightmares. Sheesh.