Hello! I am Iris and I am generally elsewhere. Possibly the garden, sometimes another country or continent, generally a different plane of existence. Which is why I started this blog – to reassure Friends and Relations that I was, in fact, still around. Just …elsewhere. It has worked pretty well so far!

I recently made a colouring book of Brighton, where I live – so if you’ve followed a link from there here’s a huge HELLO and WELCOME! May your progress through life be sprinkled with fairy dust! May squirrels pick up anything you may have dropped in the street! May internet people not shout at you for no reason! Hooray!




The book is currently on sale at the Fishing Gallery (next to the Fishing Museum, where the boats are right on the beach promenade). It will possibly be available on the internet one day, certainly in other shops around Brighton. If you really want one and are not sure how to get one, let me know and I will help!

Apart from my book, I am also going to be making some cards soon, and there may well be an Etsy shop some day, so watch this space. I might even one day start to use my twitter account (@iriselsewhere). It is all very exciting.

This is my excited face.

As for the blog, there’s generally a doodle every day – except sometimes the weekends, because it is hard to doodle on the beach or up a tree or wherever I happen to be weekending. Some of my doodles are for the Most Awesome, in-development strategy boardgame Quarry; some insist on developing storylines (filed cunningly under ‘Stories’ if you want to take a look); but it’s generally whatever has popped into my head at a given moment, whether that’s a monster, a goat, my best friend, whatever. If you have a request I’d be delighted to oblige!

So feel free to poke around and take a look, and if you are a colouring fan and have coloured in my book or any of my doodles please please take a picture and show it off, I would love to see it! And I will post it too if you let me. ^_^




9 thoughts on “About

  1. sorry to bother, but I wrote you an e-mail a while ago about a reference request and you didn’t answer it. feel free to answer that e-mail if you need me to fill in the form 😛


    1. Hello and so sorry, I didn’t get the email at all – not even in my junk folder! I’ve Skyped you about it anyway, but the short version: don’t worry about it, you probably shouldn’t have been on the list in the first place! Though you are welcome to fill out things if you are bored or need more paperwork in your life. 😉


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