Hooray, I’m back! And have otters. I wanted to do a proper otter doodle – an oodle? A dotter?- but this is the first time I have drawn otters and alas, the more details I add, the less otter-y they seem to become. So a certain otter-muse -Motter?- suggested I post these sketches and sleep on it so the Essence of Otter may better seep into my brain. If it works, more otters tomorrow!

If not, I imagine it’ll be something with tentacles, as per usual. ^_^

Woo Pride?

14.06When *I* think Pride I think sparkly things, boys dressed up as butterflies, more sparkly things, dresses, sparkly things, facepaint, sparkly things and.. I dunno, glitter. Other People, apparently, think “bondage moose plays the accordion”. HOW DOES IT EVEN PLAY THERE ARE TINY BUTTONS IT HAS NO FINGERS





I couldn’t get this one quite right, so I’m posting my attempts… and yes, the one at the bottom appears to be shedding. That is what happens when I keep redrawing the same image. ^^

3-Tailed Fox


Yes I am a teensy bit of a Naruto geek, how did you guess. And no, it wasn’t originally intended to be a fox, that is why it has a …rabbit?face, but the tail and the colour make it difficult for me to think anything else!