Not a-muse-d

31.08Oi DOODLEMUSE! Yes, you! Stop varnishing your phlanges in the vast bogs of Itraqklr and get back to work!


(Some people’s muses may be prettier than mine, and some may be less prone to slithering into bogs; but mine can hold up to 48 pencils at once. DOODLEMUSE WINS.)


26.08And another actualdoodle to welcome the BANK HOLIDAY WEEEEKEND! One that might even be SUNNY! So exciting.

I have been told to mention that actualdoodles are so called because I do them directly in pen without any planning, stream-of-consciousness style; apparently I have not mentioned this and it Should Be Known. Mind you the same person thinks the ideal partner in a crocodile’s tea party is Abraham Lincoln, so.

Up you get

25.08Ha not so standoffish now are you.

Do platypuses have claws on their hands? Can they climb? Do they actually require the help of underwater rhinoceroses in real life? Ahhh the questions I cannot be bothered to ask Google…

Where are you goooing?

23.08Hmm this was a very failed attempt at perspective… Emily was supposed to be all small and trying to catch up with the closer and larger platypus. They’re just too close together I think; that and the movement lines don’t really work. Oh well, it was a six minute drawing!!



Gosh so I never meant to just leave that story there! To recap, Emily swam into a platypus, which lost its beak in the crash; she took it to her doctorfish friend, but the operation resulted in a rhino head, which it didn’t much like (though as far as I can tell, platypuses are grumpy creatures who really don’t like much of anything).  Now the platypus is swimming off in a huff, or trying to, only Emily is a difficult rhino to shake.

Pfft whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words clearly was not reading my blog. I demand a rewrite – “A picture conveys about half a sentence, at least when it concerns the adventures of underwater rhinoceroses” would be much more accurate!

Vermicious Knids

18.08Vermicious though Vermicious Knids may be, they actually take excellent care of their very cute children. Vital facts Willy Wonka withheld from you, right there!

I don’t think the colour worked on this one unfortunately – I just wanted a slight hint of colour on the Knids, but you really can’t dilute Tombows as much as I had wanted to…



So this is a filthy cheat but I had no time to doodle today; and since this is my current bookmark (and I did doodle it), and I had no time to blogdoodle because I was going to my poetry group, it is at least sort of thematically appropriate.

A poetry group in this instance, incidentally, is exactly like a book group, only for people with short attention spans. It’s great!