10-10What is better than one balloon?

That’s right, TWO.

Also on the way home today I saw a construction crane and also a rainbow and it looked like the crane was picking up the rainbow and it was adorable, hooray!


6-10So I bought some tiles and I was going to scan & muck around with these drawings I found from playing Pictionary¬† with my family on holiday a million years ago and turn them into designs and stick them on the tiles to make coasters; only I keep forgetting and then I had some tiles and I had Sharpies and if you draw on tile with Sharpies it works quite well and you can even edit it if you haven’t fixed the colour yet and it’s fun! So I might make a series of monsters playing with balloons instead. I can still make Pictionarycoasters later right?

The ultimate fix-all

4-10Is duct tape, as you should know really. Especially when produced by giant mystical duckgods.¬† And yes, before you ask, I originally had a MUCH more involved idea for getting to this stage, involving mysterious tribes, masks and unmaskings, the origin story of the common platypus, the return of the pirate aliens etc. Aren’t you glad I pared it down?

Oh and ALSO I have discovered that there is a brand of duct tape actually called Duck Tape, all officially!!

Happy Birthday!!

2-10We interrupt Emily to wish a most joyous birthday to Jennifer! May you have much cake and cuddles and crazypantsness. Also please note the individually coloured-in hearts in the background which WILL be metaphysically glueing themselves to you in an enormous cloud of goofiness and actually that sounds kind of scary so maybe they won’t. Unless you want them to. Whatever. Have a T-Rex.