So I think I might start skipping weekenddoodles, or just post one, or something – Things keep Happening and I either forget to draw or forget to post!

Also, yay Sharpies, the colours scan really well. ^^

Kissing Fish

28c_02_2016So apparently kissing fish are actually fighting but these kissing fish are kissing not fighting, this is why they are called kissing fish and not fighting fish thankyouverymuch.

Also WHY will my scanner not scan colours correctly? They’re deeper in reality than in the above photo, but at least approximately the same; my scanner completely changes them!



So I remembered today about an old bathrobe that I started embroidering an eternity ago, and will be embroidering for many happy decades to come no doubt. As you can see it is not exactly an area I am talented in, and perhaps it was a somewhat ambitious first project, considering the bathrobe is not only large but rather thin with age so I am half stitching and half darning as I go on – but hey, it’s fun!






From the whiteboard (whitenotebook?) in my kitchen. I must say I heartily approve of a kitchen in which caffeine appears unexpectedly.

This qualifies as a coffeehug, right?!