The Unisheep

21.06I did a version of this ages back but this one is better and also one can never have too many Unisheep. And I am so making this a card I do not care if no one else in the world wants it ALL of my correspondence will be in Unisheep and it will be glorious. I mean imagine the possibilities! From “Hoorah!  You have graduated Uni-versity” to “I love Ewe”, it is eeeeeendless.

14 thoughts on “The Unisheep

  1. A whole host of card-sending opportunities awaits! ‘Heard you’ve been left feeling sheepish’. ‘Your opinions are wooly-minded at best’. ‘Stop bleating about the bush’. ‘Heard you got baa-d news’. ‘Now you’re just being rambunctious’ and – perhaps the hardest to actually post ‘Heard you’re on the lamb’.

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    1. …I adore you. Also, I think instead of making it a blank card it would have to just be filled entirely with bad sheep puns. You could circle any that applied if you were set on actually conveying a message, but really it’d be best left as is…

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  2. I was amazed to discover that sheep are allowed to graze, from time to time, a part of the desert I ride my bicycle through. There is nothing there that appears edible, just various prickly plants and toxic creosote bushes. It is impossible to look at a sheep and not say “baaah!”

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