2 thoughts on “Hatmonster

  1. I didn’t know “Jeeves and Wooster” was a thing. I tried explaining “Jeeves” to my son when he named his kitten “Jeeves the butler cat.” Kids these days have no literary influences whatsoever, “Jeeves” nowadays just refers to butlers in general. The cat just looks like a butler. America is kind of a pseudo-classless society, we definitely have little class here to speak of. Jeeves is that cog in a wealthy British household that keeps the whole dyfunctional edifice from hilariously crashing down.

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    1. Hm, I wonder if Nero Wolfe and Archie would be the US equivalent- the working class ‘tough guy’ doing all the action while Nero refuses to move from the comforts of his home. Kinder to the upper classes, but then it wasn’t a satire. I suspect the only reason ‘Jeeves’ has survived in pop culture is because of the “Ask Jeeves” search engine… Anyway the stories are good fun!


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