So I think I might start skipping weekenddoodles, or just post one, or something – Things keep Happening and I either forget to draw or forget to post!

Also, yay Sharpies, the colours scan really well. ^^

5 thoughts on “Sundaydoodle

  1. I love the three eyes. I love the colors. And the happy flowers all over the ground. Perfect mood-brightener.

    I agree, a post a day is wearing and can make posting an obligation. It is a good discipline to keep making art, too, though. When duty outweighs the pleasure, well, then, I say go with pleasure, post when you feel like it!

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    1. Aw, thank you!! And yes, it is a great discipline, I think I was just overloading the weekend a bit. I’ll probably get back into it when I don’t feel guilty for not-posting, if you see what I mean!

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      1. I know exactly. I’ve done a couple of post-a-day things for limited times, 90 days or so, and at the end I was thrilled that it was the end and I could go back to post-when-I-feel-like it!


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