So I remembered today about an old bathrobe that I started embroidering an eternity ago, and will be embroidering for many happy decades to come no doubt. As you can see it is not exactly an area I am talented in, and perhaps it was a somewhat ambitious first project, considering the bathrobe is not only large but rather thin with age so I am half stitching and half darning as I go on – but hey, it’s fun!




4 thoughts on “Thread

    1. Eventually, yes! I originally had the idea of a fairly rigid sort of column with an autumnal colour scheme going up the back, continued with creatures on the hem and the cuffs, then more muted patterns or nothing on the rest of the robe, maybe in the form of some sort of patchwork rather than embroidery. But now I rather fancy doing the originally planned creatures, then ad hoc creatures and leaves and flowers and stars all over the place, letting them crowd into the ‘column’ bit if they want. Maybe do a sort of a rainbow effect – blues and greens on the top, going into yellows and orangeredbrown towards the bottom, so the focus is on the colours more than individual designs. I want it to be bonkers, basically! I can’t decide if I want to bring other textiles into it though – I’d quite like to just because it would be fun, I have textiles and of course it would cover the surface much more efficiently, but I think it would look odd with the embroidered bits. Heh, a sensible person of course would plan these things before doing them, but this is not a sensible project, just a bit of fun!


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