Self portrait

I was going to doodle yesterday but we went to the beach and there were Creatures in the Sand and they sang a magic song and I transformed into a weird Doublebeast with scuttly non-prehensile claws and then I went home and fell into bed

Turning into stuff is tiring is the moral of this story

15 thoughts on “Self portrait

      1. If it relieves the blockage you speak of you should probably do it, that sounds painful! I like the notion of apocalyptic Moon Fairies. ^_^

        What kind of thing or creature is the lonely Mud Man? Is he a second moon, a secret one we can’t see? Or some other astral body?

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      2. There isn’t any blockage, just a rule I made (it’s MY universe and I make the rules) about under which conditions I will further develop discarded old story ideas. The rule for this particular story is quite explicit, somebody must want to read it. Anyway, I am tired, I woke up at 4:30 and am in desperate need a nap. Cheers!

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  1. is “XD” an emoji? I’m old and am not too familiar with this new computer age style of communication. XD looks kinda like, when turned sideways, a tongue sticking out, which I find highly suggestive, or perhaps silly or disrespectful, I’m not sure. The “X” turned sideways still looks like an “X” turned sideways. I wonder whether I would enjoy licking somebody’s tongue. I’m surprised I never thought of that before. That would be an idiosyncratic alternative to kissing, hardly any more sanitary, unless the tongues were rinsed and brushed beforehand. Tell you what, let’s try it!


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