I have a new book (free online, aren’t people lovely!). It’s called Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth  (NOT Figure Drawing For What It’s Worth, which I personally think would be better)  and it looks really quite amazingly good and has all SORTS of information about perspective and anatomy and whatnot, so hooray!  It’s also charmingly old fashioned and has possibly the worst title page I have ever seen. Also everyone seems to be athletic with freakishly good posture, but this seems to be the case in most drawing books. I mean I realise it’s a teaching tool but it’s so weird!



4 thoughts on “Weird

    1. It’s brilliant isn’t it! And I actually found a comment where he explains that he is using idealised shapes because it’s for commercial art, and that you can adjust proportions as you like within the given framework…

      Oh also, have you checked out the “John and Mary Problems” page? I’m sure I’ve done every single one of those… 😀


      1. I bought this book, print version. Because I know I won’t read it on line and I can see it’s just what I have been looking for. (no kidding). And I love the presentation. Plus I had free points on Amazon. A confluence of influences, let’s say! And then we come to John and Mary and I felt so at home with them. (That one page sold me on the book). I have a related book you might enjoy – Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling. I don’t see a free version but the paperback is only about $10 US. This book cleared up all my problems in understanding perspective (there is a John and Mary kind of bedroom illustration where all the furniture is skewed).


      2. Oo thank you! I could definitely use a hand with perspective… And I’m so pleased the figure book is what you were looking for! I confess I’ve ended up getting the print version as well, but it still makes me happy that it’s been put online… ^_^

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