A Dugong (gong)


The word generator told me to draw a Dugong today, and I must say that they are very pleasingly goofy-looking when you look them up! Only now I have that A-dugong-gong-gong song stuck in my head. You know the one, someone’s name is Bill, someone’s heart stood still, he walked someone home… I’m not sure what happened afterwards, but there were a lot of chorus girls involved. And a Dugong. Gonggong. A Dugonggong.

Weather Competition

2018.08.13A random word generator told me to draw a Weather Competition today – which I thought was rather apt, since the last few days have felt a bit like a tug of war between sun and rain, each really giving its all until the other got a turn again.

Mind you, I’m not sure about the scoring – the judges seem unabashedly biased in favour of sunshine, not to mention that they should have included some other species in the panel for inclusiveness (how would a cat have voted? a grasshopper?). I personally think the rain shows much more panache and style than the sunshine, and would rate it a solid 9.2.



2018.08.09I had a bit of a busy evening and thought I wouldn’t have anything today, but then found this previously un-uploaded dude. Phew!



So today I met up with some friends for an evening of  jewellery making, as one does, and learned some rather fantasticbrilliantEASY knots that will make my life SO MUCH BETTER, or at least those parts of my life that really need to be able to tie a cord into an adjustable necklace or bracelet, which, let’s face it, are all of it, and also this will come very useful when I am shipwrecked on an island and still want to look pretty and/or catch tigers.