14-09So I have just learned that there is a kind of mouse that likes to wrestle scorpions in its spare time, and then it goes and howls at the moon, because clearly scorpion wrestling alone just wasn’t badass enough and Awesomemice know how to celebrate. Oh, and apparently it’s even more impressive than this one actually because the scorpions it fights are the same size as it, or bigger!

When I am rich and famous, and/or a supervillain, I am going to have an *army* of these and we will be unstoppable. Also immune to poisons.



2 thoughts on “Mouse!

  1. This is fantastic news. I mean it. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to wake up in the morning and see what’s going to happen or what new marvel there is in this world that I am just now hearing about. Whole new idea about the definition of being “mousy”. I LOVE these mice and I’d like to sign on with your army. I want to stay on the right side of these creatures.!!!


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