13-09This was supposed to be one of those medieval pictures of a lady looking out of a picture window only then the dog came in and had to take it all over. BAD DOG

8 thoughts on “Dog

    1. Yay!! It’s funny but I think around the 16th century ish, don’t quote me on that bit, they actually *cultivated* unhappiness, as in Melancholy, the same way we do Happiness today – you’d have medieval equivalents of self-help books teaching you to be sadder and everything. They figured it made you more grounded and sober and responsible and therefore godlier… Weird eh?!


      1. Yes, actually, I think I have also heard of this. And I know that in the Victorian era, it was fashionable to be drooping and sad, a throwback to what you are mentioning, I wonder? And now today, we must be HAPPY and Positive. Funny but I think we need that dog in your picture even more today…


      2. Woo, history high five!!! About the Victorians, I think that was more about Albert dying and mourning gowns and jet jewelry being fashionable; I’m not sure if it was really about being sad or not. But it might have been. Nothing a dog can’t fix anyway. ^_^


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