Rightyho, I don’t think I shall get around to a new installment of our witch today, so instead, voila: my subconscious! Yes this is a genuine actual irisdoodle, an example of the things my brain throws around when whatever I’m trying to watch on tv is really not worth it.

I am sure you are grateful for my usual restraint.

12 thoughts on “Subconscious

    1. Oh wow, thank you! I must say I’m surprised at the response for this one, I always thought of these as rather rubbish… As for a colouring book, you are clearly a telepath because I’m actually doing one right now!! It’s scenes of my hometown, Brighton, which is quite an artsy place. It’s much more reality-based than is instinctive to me, I must admit; I have learned soooo much about perspective and things, yikes. It never occurred to me someone might like drawings that are more ‘me’ really though. Maybe when I’ve finished the first one!

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