16_04_2016Yes Wudagast I am just messing with you now.

Also this is totally a scene from, you know, that terribly high-brow Estonian silent film your cultured friend forced you to watch – the one about the conscientious paedophile shell collector and his ambiguous relationship with his sports teacher sister, and their quest to find the perfect scone, also that scene with the albino chickens, and it is four hours long and you were annoyed to tears within the first two minutes and you are NEVER GOING ANYWHERE with your friend again.

Crowd 2

13_04_2016Ok I realise the woman on the left looks waaaay creepy, she is supposed to have rainbow facepaint but *wow* does that not show in black and white!!



So I think I might start skipping weekenddoodles, or just post one, or something – Things keep Happening and I either forget to draw or forget to post!

Also, yay Sharpies, the colours scan really well. ^^

Draw a Bird Day!

8_04_2016So I wasn’t really in the mood to draw a bird but the other day I saw a guy in bright red Vibram shoes (those ones with toes) only instead of having 5 toes there were just two and it looked a lot like mangled birdfeet, and I figure mayyyybe he actually thinks he’s a bird, and has rubber wings he flies with on weekends, and that makes him fair game for Draw a Bird Day. Right? Right.