The Battle of Malapert


Last name-doodle I promise, but I thought I’d leave you with the Battle of Malazgirt, which took place in 1071 near Lake Van.  The Seljuks defeated the troops of Diogenes – well, Emperor Romanus IV Diogenes of the Byzantine Empire to be precise. It was very not good news for the Byzantines,  as it was around the border and basically opened up the whole of Anatolia (Asia Minor) to becoming Turkish. Also, the Seljuk leader – let’s call him Aslan, close enough – captured Romanus IV at the battle. Ancient Geneva Conventions were clearly a lot nicer than today’s though:  Aslan’s treatment of his celebrity prisoner was to marry his son to the guy’s daughter, give him some presents and send him home with an escort to keep him all safe on the way. Sweet!

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