Squishy Blob

I didnt know what to draw and a squishy blob was suggested. Yay blobs!

On a not entirely unrelated note, there are some very cute cartoon amoebas out on youtube who are on a mission to explain Science to humans- they are called the Amoeba Sisters, and are really quite adorable. Go have a look!

Christmas Waif

By request of a Certain Father, who wanted a wave/waif. ^_^ The only Christmas waif I could think of was the Matchstick Girl, only that story is unduly depressing and also waves, so here she has become a surfing instructor. She still carries a satchel filled with waterproof matches though, because beach bbqs dont just light themselves.

Oh also Santa is a bit of a drama queen and Rudolph doesnt understand why either of them should learn to surf or why Santa isnt wearing a wetsuit. Life is hard for reindeer…


Today I learned that cartoons of moles look nothing like moles and that the reason for this is that actual moles’ faces look kind of unpleasant. Sorry moles! You’re adorable in principle -and I doubt you care anyway since you can hardly see.