I have nothing in particular to report about Daphne except that she is a very cheerful sort of beastie and we all need a bit of cheer sometimes so huzzah!

I have no arms and yet I must flail

Well he has arms but I suspect no real hands under what seem to be gloves… all the more to panic about I guess?

…I think he must trying to pack just before a sudden trip; in that state where you’re running around all confused and your fingers have turned into sausagebeasts that drop everything and then you’re upstairs for the 5th time but dont know why and then just scream into the void because nothing makes sense any more.

I’m pretty sure that’s a universal experience.

Looking back

Spoiler alert this could be Orpheus

If Orpheus was a birdthing that had to walk on water to get out of Hades

Possibly on a kind of sled that was also an integral part of his anatomy

Being Orpheus can be tricky