Anemonativity= anemone nativity, obviously. With apologies to the 3kingsfish I accidentally scarred when my pen slipped!

Also if you are wondering, the coral is standing in for sheep because seahorses find shepherding confusing and would lose anything that actually swam but I think they count as shepherds because their tails are sort of like upside down shepherd crooks. I have reasons for EVERYTHING


So what’s happened is that Deirdre here did not want to wear a Santa hat but it is December and this year Santa hats (or tiaras, or those things where there are springs with baubles attached, or paper crowns, etc) are Not Optional, so I insisted. I mean she was *supposed* to be a mince pie when I started drawing so it’s not like I’m refusing reasonable requests for self-determination, plus she can take it off once you’ve stopped looking at the doodle. But noooo, she is determined to be grumpy and now she’s started erasing all the background hearts in revenge. Those took me a long time to paint!