24.05.2017Happy Birthday! If it is your birthday. If not, Happy Unbirthday! May it be full of flowers and boat rides and new dresses and lots and lots of sunshine.

Also piano-playing mice. My dad insists. ^_^


23.05.2017When I have to watch things that have zombies in them I pretend they are going to hug or possibly ballroom dance or something because then I can pretend they are cute… I just feel a bit guilty about finding them creepy; it’s not their fault they are zombies after all.



17.05.2017It was raining ridiculously hard on my way home but the trick is not to mind getting wet. Then it’s fun!

After all, you can always dry off at home…


11.05.2017 So I was intending to draw something cute, ideally a dog, for A Certain Boy. After about 3 hours of meticulous internet research I came to the conclusion that puppies in teacups are probablydefinitely cute. Then, I drew this.

I think the aliens do think it is cute at least, even if it is a weird changeling with too few eyes; I hope Boy does too! ^_^


10.05.2017It was sunny and warm today and I went to the Beach! This is what I saw.

Ok this is not *exactly* what I saw but there was someone roller skating