Hooray, I’m back! And have otters. I wanted to do a proper otter doodle – an oodle? A dotter?- but this is the first time I have drawn otters and alas, the more details I add, the less otter-y they seem to become. So a certain otter-muse -Motter?- suggested I post these sketches and sleep on it so the Essence of Otter may better seep into my brain. If it works, more otters tomorrow!

If not, I imagine it’ll be something with tentacles, as per usual. ^_^

6 thoughts on “Otters

  1. When o was 6-7 I watched a Doco on otters with my dad. I pretended to be an otter for days. I told my dad I wanted to be an otter forever. He’s a very cool dad and said I can be whatever I wanted to be as long as I was happy. I’m not an Otter anymore but I try to be a cool Dad.


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