Well that went a bit wrong

I just wanted to draw a wave and maybe some flowers and then violent battle commenced 😦

…Eh they’ll make friends eventually Im sure


4 thoughts on “Well that went a bit wrong

    1. Oooh! I know exactly which one it is!! There is this ballad called The Outlandish Knight. In it a girl is persuaded to run away in the night, with said knight; also some gold, her dad’s 2 best horses and a really pretty dress. They ride for a bit but then stop for a rest on a cliff by the sea, where Mr Knight abruptly goes into a villain monologue about being a serial killer with 6 other victims he’s drowned at this very spot and could she take off her dress before she joins them since it is a very nice dress and salt water would ruin it (seriously). She tells him off for being a murderer and explains that that means he’s not allowed to see her undress, he needs to turn around. He apparently finds this a reasonable reaction and turns to contemplate the scenery; she takes the opportunity to push him in and cackle as he drowns. She then saddles up and rides back home and sneaks into her bedroom… where her pet parrot plans to tell on her, but she bribes it with gold and ivory and it agrees to keep it a secret and hooray! The End.

      I promise I am exaggerating none of this.

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      1. I have to say, I am absolutely fascinated by this tale, and it’s entirely plausible and extremely entertaining. I would watch this story as a movie, right now today. And…looking at your drawing again, I have to say it fits. What this all says about me, well, I think it means I wish I were living in such times rather than the ones we have today! What a lot of drama, I love it. I think I might have said, I have loved fairy tales and such since I was little. Thank you for this one, and I LOVE the way you tell the story and your editorial asides top it off.

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      2. Ha, I think living in fairy tale times could be great fun if the stories were on your side! I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, I honestly cackled when I first came across it. I would definitely see the movie too!

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