Happy Halloween!

Happy Stay-At-Home-Halloween! Unless you’re going out of course, in which case I just hope it is raining less where you are because YIKES.

Oh also the witch and the monster are housemates and he has forgotten his keys, he’s trying to get her attention without accidentally breaking a window. And the wallpaper and sofa came with the house, which previously belonged to a garden gnome.

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I like that last picture and the narrative you have given it. Sounds dumb but my nerves are just too much on edge for scary and screaming, and the commplace idea of, please wake up and let me in, roommate! when I am sure the witch will wake up, rub her sleepy eyes, and let him in to a mild scolding, and then they will drink hot chocolate in the kitchen (wallpapered in a carrot/onion/green bean motif). I wish I were there myself. Happy Halloween.

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  2. Love it – those are both amazing! Once again I’m going to have to implore you to write a children’s book. That’s a hell of a rainstorm if you’re getting it as well, it’s hammering down up here. I wouldn’t leave a tree out on a night like this. I guess between that and the covid there’s not going to be many guisers this year.

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  3. I love both of these pictures, especially the cat and the witch. Peaceful napping is totally the vibe for me now the nights are drawing in. Happy Halloween!

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