Apparently 90% of the world’s birds are chickens- though I concede I’ve not personally verified this so who knows. Either way it’s unlikely to affect this critter, who should be a bit too blue and snakey to be considered part of the crowd…

2 thoughts on “Chicken

  1. This morning I was out for a walk (very early. it was still dark) and we go by a chicken coop right next to the trail, inhabited by two fluffy white chickens named Stevie and Nicks. (There is a sign and a photo welcoming them to the group. This is a fancy chicken coop.).Plus another rooster, I don’t know his name, (no sign) but he speaks loudly. Anyway. I like this chicken a lot, and if I saw him in there with the rest of the gang, I would think he fit right in. I especially love the color. I’ll ponder on a name just in case.

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