10 thoughts on “Toad

  1. I wonder if we have all been toads in past lives. It is certain that our bodies contain at least a few atoms that used to belong to toads.


      1. I just thought of the perfect generic comment for everybody’s posts! “Follow me! Read me! Love me! Feed me!” (Then when somebody responds robotically “I appreciate your visiting my site” I would know for sure they hadn’t read the comment). Unless of course they started following, reading, loving, feeding (metaphorically). Of course if iriselsewhere wants to follow and read, she doesn’t have to love and feed, though that would still be nice.


      2. Do you know, I never thought of a comment as a ‘follow’ request before! I can follow you if you like but I’m afraid I’m not a great ‘feeder’, I tend to limit my time on here lest I be swallowed by the Synchronicity etc…

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      3. Let me say this then, I love you, but in a nice way. You have gotten to whatever age you have gotten to by being whatever it is you are, and I imagine you are quite pleased with that, so should I be also!

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      4. For you, alone, I give permission to never have to read any of my crazy bull****. You make silly doodles, just keep on doing that, and sometimes I’ll look at them.

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