I am not entirely sure any longer if Elspeth is really a name but this is Elspeth so I guess it is. I think they are made of fire but could also be a flower creature. It is all very confusing…

4 thoughts on “Elspeth

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of an Elspeth before, I reckon it’s a real name. Isn’t it nice that we’re sitting here just wondering about it, rather than googling it and destroying the mystery? I definitely thought she was a flower creature, she has a leaf on her chest and she’s holding a bit of plant – surely if she was made of fire that would be combusting? Either way though, she’s great!

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  2. Elspeth is definitely a name. You can believe me, I know this kind of fact. Because I read a lot and by now my brain is an attic full of stuff not always well sorted but I’m sure about Elspeth. Now that I’ve got that out of the way I love Elspeth’s pointy feet.

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