So I have moved to Plymouth and it is another watery town but quite different in that it is Water with a W and all very Active Watering and there are boats of all sizes just everywhere and also people rowing and sailing and paddle boarding and on water skis and it is most impressive.

Also this creature had tiny arms when I first started doodling I guess now it is a sort of water cyborg? Might help with propulsion because those boards are *not* aerodynamic. Hydrodynamic. Something.

4 thoughts on “Whoosh!

  1. Hello, this is Mary, formerly of York 20 years ago, and I took it into my head to google you and this came up. I hope that is not too creepy, please feel free to ignore me if it is. Hello!


    1. Hello Mary! This is so exciting and not creepy at all, though I am surprised this came up of all things- also good timing, I have a tendency of not looking at it for weeks/months at a time! Anyway do you still use your old email? I do mine! Xx


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