Is that a dog in your pocket

2018.09.03I ate a whole punnet of strawberries yesterday and then a punnet of blueberries and then I felt a bit queasy and also slightly annoyed because I only had normal fruit left except then I remembered I’d ALSO bought figs, and all in all this is really more joy than one life can possibly contain, right? Anyway if the lopsided strawberryjar had turned into a creature like it was supposed to, it would have been an extremely accurate self-portrait.

Incidentally while I was drawing this I thought it was a short person standing on a dog wearing some sort of pleated tablecloth thing but now I’ve realised it’s actually a large person in shorts with stick legs, who is standing beside a similar person who however has an invisible torso and a dog in their pocket.

As the line goes – is that a dog in your pocket or are you just an ambulant fruitcreature?


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