So I was a bit glumpy today (gloomy+grumpy) because my back bicycle light had been stolen AGAIN, for the second time, in not many weeks, actually possibly two, well maybe three, but what is the world coming to? etc. But then! A very clever friend pointed out to me that while one stolen bicycle light might indeed be callous and entirely unredeemable bicycle thievery, *multiple* stolen bicycle lights are clearly the early stages of a new locally sourced Secret Underground Bicycle Disco, which is awesome. So it’s all okay now!

3 thoughts on “Biiiicycle

    1. That is a very interesting conundrum! I posed it to my friend, but she’s not sure. We think it could possibly be inept mad scientists trying to use the brake pads as conductors to create their very own Frankenstein’s monster; hopefully they will stop stealing them when they figure out brake pads are not very conductive! You might consider attaching an explanatory sign to your bicycle to help. ^_^

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