14-12When decorating your tree this year, do watch out for Twicklestumps, who have adapted to human encroachment on their territories by replacing their usual strands of solidified twicklespit  with stolen angel hair to create fabulously shiny nesting bowers. Some even produce their own ornaments out of discarded crisp packets! The hats, of course, are entirely natural and made of moss.

5 thoughts on “Twicklestump

    1. Excellent question! First, it is best to pick it off gently, minding teeth and making sure it keeps its hat (it *will* come back for it, Indiana Jones style if necessary). It may refuse to let go of a strand or two of angel hair; it’s easier to accept the loss, those claws are sharp! Then, depending on your mood, you can either set it free, or squash it, dry it out and use it as a gnome ornament. Personally, I set them free though.

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