Hear no weevil

9-11This is my imaginary friend Chris, 42-year-old karate instructor and second guitarist of the local band Weevil Rock You. He would be ecstatic to know actual weevils are trying to talk to him, but alas, headphones. Still, he hasn’t listened to the news either, and has no intention of doing so today -he’d rather just jitterbug in his flying pig pyjamas. I think he’s on to something there.

See no Weevil

8-11The word for when you say two words together and end up with more sounds than you’d expect is “liaison”, which I think is rather sweet. It can be rather difficult to notice though – can you hear the ‘w’ in “see no(w)evil”? Or the ‘r’ in “the idea(r)of it” ? The ‘y’ in ‘the(y)end’??


7-11There are many kinds of weevil but this is the TRUE weevil, of the family Curculionidae. They have cute noses and also little antennae things with blobs on the end but those often don’t show up on pictures so I left them out -I think they look less cluttered that way. It’s not like a giant weevil is going to show up and complain at me. Right?