I went up to the Downs to watch the sun set over Brighton today; it’s not the most romantic view in the world I suppose, but I enjoyed it. I like seeing all the greens and browns slowly wash out of the landscape while the sea turns a paler and paler, shining and more ethereal blue; and the seagulls all making their way back to the coast in their daily commute. And don’t talk to me about the light pollution from town, it’s great! All the city lights and street lamps start coming on and there’s this sudden-slow new palette of yellows and reds pulsing through the hills, while town switches from over from grey into a beacon of light. The world where you stand is dark and colourless and cold, but right ahead of you are humans and warmth and even the traffic turns into a sort of growling celebration, and there’s nothing for it but to follow it home and drink some cocoa.  What’s not to like?

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